This office accepts numerous HMO and insurance plans. When you call for an appointment, the receptionist can determine if we accept your plan. If we do not, she will explain the fee schedule. Most managed care plans require a referral. You must have this referral with you at the time of the visit or you can not be seen. This is a requirement of the managed care companies and this office can lose its affiliation with them if we ignore it. So, please have the necessary referral and insurance card with you. If you do not, we will make an attempt to contact your pediatrician to see if he/she will fax over a referral, but if they are out of the office or refuse to do so, you will have to reschedule.

You will almost certainly have a co-pay that is required by your managed care company. This must be paid in cash or by check at the time of visit.

It is your responsibility to know your own insurance plan and its requirements. We understand that complying with these managed care regulations can be exasperating. But please understand that you only have to deal with this occasionally, while we have to deal with it over 100 times a week!